About Admit One

Based in the UK and Spain, we are a vibrant and professional software company serving the needs of the entertainment industry with our specialist ticketing and event management software.

Our core staff have a wealth of experience in this sector, which has enabled us to create software that is is easy to use, very reliable, and requires minimal training time. Both we and our fast expanding client base benefit from the astonishingly low support requirements. Our software does just what it was designed for - with no fuss and absolute integrity.

Meet the Team

Peter Morton

Director - Admit One UK
  • Favourite Movie: The Godfather Part II
  • Most Overused Expression: That's bananas!

The principal architect of Admit One, I am a Software Developer with more than 25 years commercial experience, and over 18 years in the admissions and hospitality sector.

Richard Haritver

Director - Admit One Spain
  • Favourite Movie: The Godfather Part I
  • Most Overused Expression: Hang on

In the IT sector since 1989 and in the entertainment business since 1993. Worked for major communications companies in IT, as well as in major mobile phone operators and software development companies, in Canada, UK and Spain. Involved with Admit One since day two and never looked back.

Paul Veal

Operations & Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: V for Vendetta
  • Most Overused Expression: Can you sign this?

I have been with Admit One since 2014 and have worked closely with all departments to improve our ways of working. I take a very hands on approach and use what I have learned to look after our new and existing customers from first contact through to installation.

Juan Carlos Socorro

Client Analytics Services / Account Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Indiana Jones

Liana Bendall

Account / Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Elf
  • Most Overused Expression: Perfect

I joined Admit One in December 2017. I have worked within Projects for over 7 years in various industries; Events, IT, Telecoms, Audio Visual. Therefore I have a varied approach and love the challenge of taking on new projects.

Kat Hodgson

Account / Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Lone Survivor
  • Most Overused Expression: So how long will that take?

I joined Admit One in November 2017, I have a strong background in service and business management. In my free time I'm a part-time business student, I'm really excited to be part of such a innovative company.

Gary Chandler

Account / Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Iron Man 2

Maria K

Customer Relations


  • Favourite Movie: Thelma and Louise
  • Most Overused Expression: It'll be fine

With a background in Hospitality and Retail Mangement, I arrived at Admit One in March 2017. After a year's sabbatical I really love the energy here and hope I can keep pace!


Office Dog
  • Favourite Movie: Men in Black (the scene with Frank the pug)
  • Most Overused Expression: Bork Bork

Can mainly be found napping in the development department.

Ben Lomas

Technical Support Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Goodfellas
  • Most Overused Expression: I'll do it but I'm not happy about it

Joined Admit one in November 2017 after Working in Broadcast Media Support for 5 years in London Managing Technical teams on high profile TV shows looking to bring my past experience to Admit one.

Joe Hughes

Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Most Overused Expression: I'm going to have pizza tonight

I have worked for Admit One since 2009, and I enjoy the variety that my job brings.

Jason Purkiss

Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: Back to the Future: Part 1
  • Most Overused Expression: Ooh 'eck...

I have been working in the cinema industry since 2011, with Admit One since 2014 and I specialise in stock management and pastries.

Olie Rance

Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: Iron Man
  • Most Overused Expression: Cool cool, sure sure..

I've been previously involved in various types of sales jobs. However I've always had a passion for technology. It took me until I was 24 to realise I needed a career in IT and so after some IT training, here I am at Admit One ready to help you in resolving any issues with our fantastic admissions and management system.

Toby Turner

Support Technician
  • Favourite Movie: Bee Movie
  • Most Overused Expression: Do you like jazz?

I joined the Admit One team in January 2018 after working in the retail industry for 2 years prior. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends, and going to concerts and festivals.

Renz Paneyra

Support Technician
  • Favourite Movie: The Bourne Identity
  • Most Overused Expression: It's alriight.

Joined the team in January 2018. Computing graduate and working my way towards becoming a web developer. During my free time, I play basketball and table tennis.

Gabriel Roca

Support Engineer/Project Manager
  • Favourite Movie: Rear Window
  • Most Overused Expression: If you are the only one speaking, this turns into a monologue. Can we please have a biologue like civilized people?

Being in Telecommunications Engineering. Would-be new rich (as in Tim Ferriss’ use of the term) who wishes to telecommute from a paradise island. I have lived in China and Japan, and am currently working towards a CioL diploma in English-Spanish translation.


Support Engineer
  • Favourite Movie: Reservoir Dogs

After 15 years of experience in the ticketing industry, I still enjoy what I do. I love working closely with clients to provide them with a global solution.

Alex Nuñez

Senior Support Coordinator
  • Favourite Movie: The Departed
  • Most Overused Expression: Have you tried rebooting it?

I have worked for Admit One since 2011. I studied Software Development and Systems Administration, and in one way or another have always been involved with cinemas.


Support Engineer

Juan B

Support Engineer

Marco Abramides

Support Engineer

Maria Sanchez-Fernaud

Client Analytics Services


Support Engineer

Xavi Bonvehi

Support Engineer

Matthew Voss

Lead Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Akira
  • Most Overused Expression: ...yeah...

Graduate of Computer Science from Exeter University, living in Dorset. Spent nine months in Canada prior to working for Admit One.

Jamie McDonald

Web and Visual Lead Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Mary Poppins
  • Most Overused Expression: That's what she said!

Multi-Language full stack developer branching between Mobile Apps, Web, and patron facing software within Admit-One. Been with Admit-One for several years with previous experience in publishing and 15+ years within cinemas. Normally found watching animated movies, and playing with piles of Lego with my two kids, slowly trying to take over the world!

Jamie Cutler

Software Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park

I'm currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Computing & IT with The Open University. My background in development comes from creating mobile applications for iOS devices, using the Swift programming language.

Robert Mallinson

Software Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Marley and Me
  • Most Overused Expression: Sweet

CGI graduate from Bournemouth University. Not much to say about me but i have a Cat which has no name yet.

Andi Gallimore

Visual Software Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Inception
  • Most Overused Expression: Lets go for a shred!

Star Wars and Marvel fanboy who has previously called snowboarding down a mountain a job...

Harry Richards

Web Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Zombieland 2
  • Most Overused Expression: Well, that sucks.

Coming from the entertainments industry, as a Live Sound engineer for world-known bands, radio presenter and a funfair operative, I've moved to the IT Industry and joined Admit-One in 2017 as Web Developer.

Peter Wheeler

Web Developer
  • Favourite Movie: Schindler's List
  • Most Overused Expression: Cool Cool!

I am a Masters graduate from the University of Southampton and joined Admit-One in May 2018, having come from a varied background in archaeological computing and digital humanities. Coming to Admit-One is exciting at this time, with the prospect of building new responsive web and mobile apps for top quality customers! In my spare time I am a keen DIY-er and enjoy travelling, especially to obscure countries.

Vinicius Sacillotto

Software Developer

Tomas Carl Dawe

Software Developer

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