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Discover Mobile Onsite F&B Ordering with A1 Shop

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A complete, connected and fully configurable cinema and venue management platform.

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Discover A1 Suite

Deliver the ultimate customer experience with your own automated lobby. Easy self-service for customers and intuitive operational tools for staff, Admit One gives you full flexibility across venue layout and customer management.

Our feature rich fully integrated food and beverage systems are designed to give you complete control, while creating a streamlined experience for your staff and delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Everything you need to ensure your customers can browse and purchase tickets and extras with ease, whenever they choose and across all digital channels. Admit One lets you maximise off-premise sales while delivering a consistent and seamless experience throughout all purchasing routes.

Your central management system allowing you to setup and view all your sites in one easy-to-use application. Schedule performances, manage stock, set up tickets, membership schemes, gift cards, vouchers and much more… while communicating effortlessly with your employees.

Keep your customers returning with customisable reward programmes and personalised incentives, designed to grow your business and delight your customers.

Whatever your size, we’ve got you covered

Independent Cinemas
Independent Cinemas
Boutique Cinemas
Boutique Cinemas
Group of Cinema Chains
Multisite Cinemas
Enterprise Cinema Chains
Enterprise Cinemas
Multipurpose Venues
Multipurpose Venues
Tourism / Visitor Centres
Tourism / Visitor Centres

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