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Discover Mobile Onsite F&B Ordering today

The latest release of A1 Shop is here, and it’s easier than ever before to start offering mobile onsite F&B ordering to your guests.

Whether it’s basic popcorn and beverage combos, fast food, snacks or onsite casual dining, our latest A1 Shop release means you can easily set up your process flow to support Click & Collect in your lobby, in-seat dining in your theatre, or full restaurant table delivery service.

Whether you’re offering one or all of these options to your guests, our latest release puts you in full control via Back Office, while your customers enjoy a user-friendly mobile web interface in your own fully customised brand style.

How does it work?

Give customers access to your mobile onsite ordering app via a URL or by placing QR codes on site anywhere you want to allow them to access the service.

These can be set up to pre-fill information such as table number or seat number , and everything works seamlessly with your Back Office Catering system to ensure menu items and stock availability are up to date in real time.

Available order options

Click & Collect

A customer orders via your web app, accessible from a QR code displayed in the lobby, and collects it from the designated counter once it’s ready.

Collection screens keep them updated and highlight when an order is being prepared and when it is ready to collect, helping to keep queues moving and your customers informed.

In-Seat Dining

A customer makes an order via A1 Shop while waiting for the performance to begin, or by a certain start and cut off time set by you in Back Office.

They can use their booking reference if they pre-booked their seats, or choose their performance from a drop down list. From here they can confirm which seats to deliver to the order to, while you keep control of which items you want to make available, allowing you to limit certain menu options that may be unsuitable for in-seat dining.

Table Order

A cost effective way to offer table service without the need for a staff member to take the order, meaning customers can dine in at your venue pre or post performance.

Areas can be set so tables are grouped by the area e.g. café, restaurant, bar, foyer etc so you can keep control over operational flow.

Ready to discover Mobile Onsite F&B Ordering?

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