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Drip pricing legislation introduced

UK legislation on ‘drip-pricing’ is set to be introduced this Spring. For cinemas this means that booking fees and service charges will have to be clearly visible to the customer at the start of, and throughout any transaction process. It also requires that supportive messaging is available and easy to understand.

Under the proposed regulations, businesses would be required to clearly display any additional charges which may otherwise have been only visible at the point of payment upfront in a clear and transparent way, allowing customers to make informed decisions before proceeding with their purchase. This transparency aims to prevent consumers from being surprised by hidden costs that can significantly impact the final price of their ticket.

Drip pricing occurs when shoppers are shown an initial price for an item or service on a website, only to find additional fees are revealed later in the checkout process.

Vishala Sri-Pathma, BBC Business reporter

The law seeks to promote fair and transparent pricing practices across all industries by ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the total cost throughout the entire purchase process.

All websites and apps supplied by Admit One support this legislation.

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